8/20 Osaka - Mari Komuro (santoor) + Chintu (tabla)

Posted on behalf of Mari Komuro...

I have been learning Santoor from Shivkumar Sharmaji, and am planning to have a small Santoor concert on Sunday, the 20th of August 2006, from 2 p.m. at "Roba no Ie"--Geetanjali Indian Dance Studio, Osaka(072-891-8874)
address: 3-4-7, Myoken higashi, Katano, Osaka, Japan
advance booking only. ( limited seating 40 people
2000 yen (including afternoon tea)
santoor-Mari Komuro, tabla-Ashwinikumar Mishra.
If you are interested, please do come for the event. I'm sending the flier (Japanese) along with this mail.

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