8/13 Shibuya - Artsybugs Vol. 18

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Artsybugs Vol. 18

Sunday August 13th at the Pink Cow In Shibuya.
Place: The Pink Cow (check their site at: www.thepinkcow.com )
Date: Time: August 13th Sunday open 6pm start 7pm
Cost: 500yen
Map: click here

August is Summer Vacation time... but we'll meet up anyway and expecting a fun night.
This month we will welcome:
Contenporary dancer "Daniel Europe" ( interview article ),
Ethno-Electronic music by Rain In Eden ( music sample ),
Clara de Gobert, a talented 15 year old Belgian photographer who will drop by during her summer vacation :)
If you're interested in performing/showing your work here, please do contact us at artsybugs@hotmail.com

Please invite your friends too!!! We hope to continue to bring out a great group to support
our performers and artists to help and say thank you to the Pink Cow for supporting our group :)
Please also bring your portfolio, music or other creative items to share with other members.


場所: The Pink Cow 渋谷
日時: 8月13日(日曜) PM6時オープン PM7時スタート
料金: 500円
地図: こちら


パフォーマンスはヨーロッパや日本で活躍中のコンテンポラリーダンサー"Daniel Europe"さんの登場です。
インタビュー記事は こちら。あとRain In Edenが新曲を披露します。( 音源はこちら)。


Artist and Performer Call

Artsybugs is a monthly Tokyo based art and music showcase. We are currently seeking performers for future
Artsybugs events in Shibuya. The event is held monthly on the second Sunday. We welcome musicians, performers
and artists of all art forms to join our event. If your members are interested, we are seeking artists for events from
September onwards. Artists can contact us at artsybugs@hotmail.com for details.

Artsybugs is a volunteer not-for-profit organization bringing creative people together and working to provide performance
opportunities for up can coming creators.

Festival Event

Artsybugs is now researching interest in the ethnic music community about putting together a small music festival featuring
local artists at a Nakano live house. We are seeking bands who are blending ethnic music traditions with jazz, electronic or
other modern music styles. We are seeking interested bands for a tentative October 8th date. If you are interested please
contact us at artsybugs@hotmail.com for details.

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