6/5-24 - Echoes of the Ganga Tour (Indo-Japanese collaboration)

Posted on behalf of Indo-Japanese Music Exchange Association...

Dear Friends

With best wishes for your health and success, please allow me to inform you of the following series of Indian music & Indo-Japanese co-operative performance events scheduled for June in Japan.

*** Echoes of the Ganga ***
Japan welcomes two generations of India’s Benares gharana

05 - 24 June 2007 * Kanto and Kansai

North Indian classical, folk and sacred vocal music

Instrumental music featuring sarangi, shakuhachi, etc
Indo-Japanese classical crossover music, poetry and dance

Vidyadhar Prasad Mishra (vocal) Rishi Mishra (vocal)
Amit Mishra (tabla) Sandeep Mishra (sarangi)
T. M. Hoffman (shakuhachi)

+ renowned artists of shamisen, biwa, shakuhachi, kathak dance, etc

in co-performances in each of the events

A Festival of India program in this India-Japan Friendship Year 2007
Supported by the Government of Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs

organized by Indo-Japanese Music Exchange Association
130 Yoshizaki, Shimonita-machi, Kanra-gun, Gunma-ken 370-2604 JAPAN
tel/fax: 0274-82-3160 ijmusath@po.wind.ne.jp

main public events (all dates in June 2007):

06 (Wed) 18:30 Core Hall (Takasaki) 2500yen/1500 students
* with Japanese shamisen & shakuhachi Tel: 027-328-5050

12 (Tue) 18:30 Gifu City Culture Center (Gifu) 2000yen
*with shakuhachi (two artists) Tel: 058-262-6200

13 (Wed) 18:30 Nagoya Atsuta Playhouse (Nagoya) 2000yen
*with shakuhachi (two artists) Tel/Fax: 052-471-5210

14 (Thu) 18:30 Osaka Gakuin University (Osaka) admission free
*with biwa, shakuhachi & kathak dance Tel: 06-6382-8172

15 (Fri) 14:00 Shuchiin University (Kyoto) admission free
*with shakuhachi & shomyo Tel: 075-604-5600(代)

21 (Thu) 19:00 Parnassos Tama (Tama, Tokyo) 2000yen
*with shakuhachi Tel: 042-389-0711

22 (Fri) 19:00 Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan (Yurakucho) 4200yen
(w/dinner) Tel: 03-3211-3161 (reservations)
*with enka & shakuhachi http://www.fccj.or.jp/ (Events Calendar...)

+ other events in universites and temples in Yokohama, Kyoto and Shiga


Best wishes,

T. M. Hoffman
performing artist and ethnomusicologist
Director, Indo-Japanese Music Exchange Association
Senior Performing and Creative Artist Fellow
American Institute of Indian Studies AIIS (USA & India)
Lecturer in Musicology and Linguistics
Musashino Academia Musicae & Keio University (Japan)

130 Yoshizaki, Shimonita-machi, Kanra-gun, Gunma-ken 370-2604 JAPAN
tel/fax: 81-0274-82-3160 mobile in Japan 090-5447-1903
e-mail: tmhoffmus21@yahoo.com
http://shakuhachi.com/G-IJMEA.html (w/music from CD 'Integral Asia')
http://ijmuea.exblog.jp/ (new, in Japanese )

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