5/25-27 Chichibu : EthnoSuperLounge party with Shen @ Greenhouse

EthnoSuperLounge party with Shen @ Greenhouse

Please come to the Greenhouse on the weekend of May 25-27 - we will be having an EthnoSuperLounge party! Relaxing, listening to and playing Indian and world music as well as Chris' chill DJing, going to the local onsens, eating delicious food. Sounds good no?! Please contact me if you'd like to come or any further info.


Admission will be 1000 yen for one night, 1500 for two nights, and we will ask you to buy at least 2500 yen's worth of EarthlingZ money, which you can use for meals and drinks. (If you are a musician, please contact me about performing in exchange for staying.)

入場料は一晩1000円、二晩1500円でそれに少なくても2500円のアースリングマネーを買ってもらいます。それは食事、飲み物に使えま す。(ミュージシャンだったら、泊まりのかわりに演奏できます。メールしてください。)

Chris' invitation: SHEN'S FAREWELL
In the weeks since the Golden Week Party at The Greenhouse, Shen Flindell, who played tabla with many other instrumentalists at the event, has been here at The Greenhouse editing the recordings we made of the live performances, as well as helping to improve the recording facilities.

グリーンハウスのゴールデンウイークのパーテイからイベ ントで多くの他のミュージシャンと
 タブラの共演をしたシェン= フリンデルがここグリーンハウスに 滞在していて ライブの収録した レコーデイングを編集したりレコーデイングのシステムを改 良したりするのを手伝ってくれて  ます。

Soon he leaves for a series of gigs in Kansai and elsewhere, so we're having a sort of farewell party here this weekend. I'm sorry to give such short notice, but if you are free this weekend and would like to hang out with Shen and whoever else may come to play, please pay us a visit any time between Friday night and Sunday night. Admission is Y1000, plus the purchase of EarthlingZ money for food and drinks. More info HERE

まもなくギグのため関西、その他方面へ行くので ”さよならパーテイ”を今週末します。
 こんなにみぢかなお知らせですみません、が今週末予定 がなくシェン、又は他 のミュジシャンと  過ごしたいなら金曜日の夜から日曜日の夜までのいつでも来て下さい。  入場料は¥1000と食事用のアースリングマネーを買って下さい。  情報は

In the time between now and then, we will be broadcasting the edited recordings made at the last gathering, as well as many other recordings by Shen and other members of EthnoSuperLounge, which is the extensive network of musicians in Japan, Australia and India with whom Shen collaborates during his regular trips around the Southeastern quadrant of the globe. Tune in any time at http://WEZR.NET and listen, and then come out this weekend to enjoy the peace and beauty of the valley as it rapidly turns many shades of green.

これか らこの前のギャザリングの編集したレコーデイング、シェン、他のエスノスーパーラウンジのメンバーの(シェンのいつもの東南アジアの旅行でコラボレートした日 本、 オーストラリア、  インドのミュジシャンのネットワーク)音楽を放送します。  http://WEZR.NET を聴いて今週末来て緑濃ゆい谷間の静けさ、美しさを楽 しんで下さい。

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