5/20 Mitaka - "Wind on the Water" - Indo-Japanese classical feat. Jaltarang master Milind Tulankar

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-- Wind on the Water --


@三鷹市芸術文化センター・風のホール (0422-47-5122)東京都三鷹市上連雀6-12-14


-- Wind on the Water --
jaltarang, santur, vocal, tabla, shakuhachi, koto in an evening of
Indian classical and folk, Indo-Japanese classical crossover music

20 May (Sat) 17:00 Mitaka
Mitaka City Arts Center (Mitaka Geijutsu Bunka Senta-) (tel. 0422-47-5122)
near Mitaka station (Chuo, Soubu & Tozai lines)
map at http://mitaka.jpn.org/geibun/parking.shtml

Milind Tulankar (jaltarang, santur, vocal), T. M. Hoffman (shakuhachi, koto), Nilesh Ranadive (tabla), Naoto Kasahara (tambura)

3500 yen, students 2000 yen
concert website and Internet reservations http://mitaka.jpn.org/ticket/0605200/
mobile phone / PHS reservations http://mitaka-art.jp/cultosji_mitaka/reservemp/gmp_init

The jaltarang, one of the oldest instruments in the world, consists of china bowls filled with water, each bowl tuned to the desired pitch by varying the quantity of water in it. These bowls are placed in a semi-circle around the player and struck by two cane sticks. The jalatarang has a pleasant tone, and the artist performs on it classical Indian ragas and light melodies as well. Renowned jaltarang artist Milind Tulankar is also an accomplished performer of Indian santur, the struck stringed instrument originating in Persia and known as precursor of the piano. During this Japan tour he will be accompanied on tabla by the leading young artist Nilesh Ranadive. They will also be performing together with accomplished artists of Japanese shakuhachi and koto and other instruments in authentic Indian classical and other styles. Information and audio-visual samples of featured artists are available at www.jaltarang.com and http://shakuhachi.com/G-IJMEA.html.

T. M. Hoffman
performing artist and ethnomusicologist
Lecturer, Musashino Academi Musicae (Tokyo)
Director, Indo-Japanese Music Exchange Association (Japan office)
130 Yoshizaki, Shimonita-machi, Kanra-gun, Gunma-ken 370-2604 JAPAN
tel/fax: 81-0274-82-3160
e-mail: ijmusath@po.wind.ne.jp
(includes sound samples / CDの音楽も聴けます)

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