1/14 Kyoto - Full Moon Party feat. Mandala

Posted on behalf of Mandala...

Mandala Live @ Viva La Musica ヴィヴァラムジカ
Saturday January 14th Opens 7:00
Full Moon Party ◎●フルムーンパーティ●◎
The last chance to see Mandala before they go on World Tour...
Africa, Asia, America...
Returning next summer for Yamauto Peace festival 2006
Eric Mandala on Strings...
Rie Mandala on Tinklik...
Christopher Fryman on Trumpet
Andy on Bass
Yukio on Flute...
Kho on Tabla...
Valadamir on Sax
and more... special guests
Opening Act: KUMO
Come one Come all
Lets come together!
Mandala collaboration continues...
After party jam on the Mountain...

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Hope to see you there!

We have lots of new pictures up:

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Eric Mandala さんのコメント...

Thanks for putting this up Shen. This Eric here of Mandala. I stumbled on this in your blog here. Thanks for the mail. Good to meet you. Lets jam sometime! Hope to see & hear your music soon. Im off to africa in a week. Have a wonderful refreshing time in India. Play lots of music, Meditate and do yoga. Koh is off to Benares and a couple other mandala members are there. Wish I could swing through but i got Thailand Africa Indonesia and north America on my list.
Hope our paths cross soon
Keep in touch
Hare Om...
Eric Mandala